So I’m on an adventure in the deepest parts of the Amazon. The snakes, natives and spiders don’t bother me now, I have overcome those obstacles. I finally see the ancient temple that I have been longing to find for years. I slowly approach, careful to avoid the booby traps that were set eons ago. I make my way down the corridors to the center of the temple where there lies what I have been searching for. The artifact is even greater and I feel as if an empty void has been filled in my life. I run rejoicing for this glorious day. Months pass and the joy continues to burst from my soul. Then without a moments notice I turn to look upon the artifact and it is gone. The case it was in has been shattered and there is no trace of anyone or anything, it is simply gone. I drop to my knees and begin to pray, God please it’s the only thing I have that meant something, almost a shelter. I wait days, weeks, years. Maybe it will never be returned or maybe it will. Or maybe this is the start of another adventure that God has planned. I don’t care I just wish that there would have been some way of knowing what went wrong. Maybe there is and my glasses just need cleaning….


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