lets go for a drive….

Ok so your riding in your brand new Porsche convertible when you come up to a fork in the road. The road to the right is a brand new paved road and it would be sweet to go cruising down. The road to the left is a neglected old dirt road with potholes and ruts, it will seriously mess up your car. So you ask yourself an easily answered question, “Which road do I take?”. The answer is it wasn’t your question in the first place. The choice is not yours but instead it is God and of course its the dirt road. So you turn your car to the left and begin the long bumpy ride. The dirt is covering your car and you have had to put the top up. However as you ride you see the most amazing scenery known to man the road is rough but the sights help ease the pain. Finally the road comes to a paved section and sitting at the end is one thing that you have waited for forever. You realize that after the hard long drive it was worth it. Also there was a sign at the fork which you couldn’t see. The road to the right led to a bridge that was out and could have been a deadly drive. The road to the left was fine jus old and neglected. The thing is that had you have listened to yourself and not to God it would have been a short lived ride. However when your mind was opened and you listened the bumps along the way was worth the view but even more what was waiting at the end. So if the road your on in life seems like a deathtrap relax and let God drive for awhile, chances are after the long hard ride it will turn out to be the best trip ever.


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