Monthly Archives: April 2011

The Grand Finale

This is my final project for the class. It’s not just a look at Church Media, its more of an in-depth explanation of how the Church needs media in society today. All in all there are so many ways that the church can rely on media to create a new venue of space and things to do. There are many ways that churches can benefit from the use of social media and in todays society it is a necessity.


Simple times…

So with the recent loss of internet (it has now been returned to working order) it made me stop and think of what things were like before the World Wide Web. As soon as the “connection was lost” tweets began to pop up of the annoyance and frustration of not having internet. I immediately also began to panic finally resulting to plugging in my cell phone to use as a modem, a practice also known as tethering. Then it occurred to me that at one time, students in college didn’t have this fabulous internet and were actually forced to read books to gain information for their papers. If they were done with homework then they actually spent time with their friends instead of chatting with them on Facebook. To be honest, the thought of no internet made me think that my life would be a bit simpler. I wouldn’t be “stalking” my friends to see what I wasn’t invited to, I wouldn’t be worried about trying to tweet my life, I wouldn’t be overloaded with so much news that I became depressed, perhaps it would be nice. They say history repeats itself so maybe one day we won’t have internet…I highly doubt it will ever happen but to think of it is somewhat of a nice idea.   I found this article (online of course) that goes along with my topic. Enjoy. 10 Things the Internet Has Killed 

Listen to the waves…..

It’s late, and according to my best friend I should be getting lots of sleep, yet I find myself sitting here typing this post. I feel as if I should blog more often considering how exciting of a life I have but alas I don’t. It’s the second day of April and that means school will be coming to a close soon leaving me with just one year left, scary. I have one year until life hits me like wave crashing upon a sandcastle. That’s actually a good analogy. My life is a sandcastle, and just when I think I’ve got it built the way I want it, God sends the wave to mix things up. The wave doesn’t destroy you,  the sand is still there when it leaves, it’s simply offers a chance to take what you’ve got and re-create it. So college will be four years of building that will be washed over to create a new foundation for life. Hmm, in that case May 2012 will be the biggest opportunity of my life. I sure hope this makes sense when I read it again fully awake. Shalom to those who may find themselves reading this.