Listen to the waves…..

It’s late, and according to my best friend I should be getting lots of sleep, yet I find myself sitting here typing this post. I feel as if I should blog more often considering how exciting of a life I have but alas I don’t. It’s the second day of April and that means school will be coming to a close soon leaving me with just one year left, scary. I have one year until life hits me like wave crashing upon a sandcastle. That’s actually a good analogy. My life is a sandcastle, and just when I think I’ve got it built the way I want it, God sends the wave to mix things up. The wave doesn’t destroy you,  the sand is still there when it leaves, it’s simply offers a chance to take what you’ve got and re-create it. So college will be four years of building that will be washed over to create a new foundation for life. Hmm, in that case May 2012 will be the biggest opportunity of my life. I sure hope this makes sense when I read it again fully awake. Shalom to those who may find themselves reading this.


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